Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Oh Night Divine Part

Yeah so I decided to post that other one before I put the pics I have from Matt's wedding up. :)

We had a great time in FL!!

We drove down on Friday in our minivan (loooooved it) and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the
Hotel Biba , a cute little old school motor inn that has been renovated and updated.

After check-in we headed over to the
Colony Hotel to meet Jennifer and to attend the rehearsal dinner. Very nice hotel, really pretty and cozy. We had a great time meeting Matt and Jennifer's family and eating some tasty 'fancy' cookout food. :)

Saturday morning I dropped Ian off at the Colony so he could do some 'guy things' (getting a straight razor shave for one!) with Matt and the other groomsmen. After that I drove down Dixie Hwy for fun and then went to the spa!

That's right, I said spa. :) Ian sent me to
Kaffee's Garden Spa for a couple of hours of relaxation.

And Oh. My. Word. It was beyond fun. :) I loved every second of it!! I got a pedicure, a manicure (my first ever mani!), and a mini facial (my first ever facial too!). It was heaven. :) My toenails and nails were so pretty and I practically fell asleep during the facial. :)

I don't know all the lotions and potions that she put on my face but it sure felt good and looked even better afterward! One of the masks she put on was a pumpkin and pineapple one...I practically wanted to taste it because it smelled so good! :)

After that I went back and just relaxed and then got myself all gussied up for the wedding! I had a good time getting all dressed up by myself...without interference. :)

Ian looked AWESOME in his penguin suit! SO handsome. I am so lucky. :)

The ceremony was outside, and nice and small and intimate. And so very Matt. :) It was officiated by a rabbi, which was a new experience for me. And Matt of course was his usual fun and jovial self during the ceremony, which I loved. :)

After the ceremony was over, there was a cocktail reception with some tasty hors d'ouevres (chicken satay, lamb chops, sushi, etc.), and then the dinner/reception.

The reception area was set so prettily with roses and everything...really good food too, and great music from a band that Matt takes pictures for. We even got on the dance floor and boogied a little bit! Me with my big ole belly even! :)

All in all it was a great evening!! We had such a fun time, it was just unbelieveable! Matt's sister, Lauren, and her hubby Tony, were such a blast to talk to. They may come up to GA sometime and stop by to say hi! Yay!

And Matt and Jennifer are PERFECT for each other!! Ian and I were both just busting with happiness :) for the both of them. :)

Sunday we stopped by our condo to meet our renters...weird to have to knock on the door that I used to go in and out everyday. :) They were both very nice and the condo looks fantastic! YAY!

Then we came home to Ian's parents' house and were able to spend a little more time with Leah and her fam!

Alrighty! Here are some of the pics that we took in our hotel room after the wedding. So I look a little bedraggled and tired, but that's ok. Ian put his bowtie back on for the pics because he wanted to look complete!

Enjoy. :)

All dressed up and huge! :) Jill, Ian's mom, let me borrow a purse that used to be Monique's! Monique is Ian's dad's mom.

And from the side. :)

Here's how I did my hair....it was a LOT curlier early on in the night. :) I used a really pretty clip that Ian bought me in FL at a Greek festival. It has green stones on it, so that's why my jewelry has green beads too. :) I made the necklace to go with the earrings I'd previously made for my trip to Toronto.


Tying one on!

Double O Ian!

Just the two of us!

One More Passing, Showered, and Oh Night Divine

Well, we can't keep 'em I guess.

Our third fish, Nissan (means 'second guy' in Japanese) died while we were in Warner Robins.
Yaya is still alive and...well...kicking. :)

Ian took out the middle of the tank so Yaya can have the whole thing to himself. We may get another fish, but if we do, we will put them in separate tanks. Ian is convinced that Yaya is somehow killing off the others. Yaya is not the same type of Betta that Toyota and Nissan were...they were crowntails.

I had my wonderful baby shower the 18th!!

Carol Ann went over and above anything I was thinking of and did a fantASTIC job!

I loved every minute of it. I was so grateful to have my friends come and play great games and eat great food. My friend
Kim made some super tasty cupcakes...yum-o!!

And the gifts were so wonderful!! I loved them all. :)
Here are a few pics from the par-tay. :)

Tish is a little teapot... :)

And the one to taste the chocolate in the diapers!

And there's the belly, standing and sitting! :) About 35 weeks here!

This is the adorable set of paper products that Carol Ann got to use for the shower! I love them, they are so cute! The colors were awesome.

I can't believe I didn't get any more pics of the girls at the party, but we had a great time!!

We all went to Warner Robins on the 19th so that we could see Ian's sister, Leah, and her family who were coming in from WY.

Ian had to go back to work so the boys and I stayed that Sunday to Wednesday night and had a GREAT time hanging out with Leah, Spencer, SJ, Jordi, and Ian's parents.

On Tuesday we went to Lake Tobesofkee to ride the waverunners.

Lucas, SJ, and Ethan had a great time playing in the sand.

Lucas and SJ mostly threw the sand. :) Here is a shot of Lucas right about to toss a handful.

I love how you can see that his stomach muscles are all pulled in so he can really huck it.

While Leah and Spencer were on the waverunners, SJ was playing in the water. We didn't put a swim dipe on him...and the fact that his dipe soaked up tons of water for some reason cracked me up. :)

Here are my boysies eating their favorite dessert. :) Ethan wanted to sit in a chair with a tray too, and have a bib, just like Lucas. :)

Sweet little Jordi! Wish I'd gotten a pic of her with her beautiful eyes open! Her onesie says "This is my little black dress." I sent it to her. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yep, I did it.

I put up our Halloween decorations already!

I figured that I would be a leeeetle bit busy at the beginning or middle of October having a baby, so I might as well get it done now!

Plus, I LOVE Halloween!

The boys are already picking out their costumes. Well, Ethan is, at least. :) Lucas doesn't get a choice. HA!

They are going to coordinate for at least one set of costumes. If I buy them in time! I would love to make them, but again with the busy.

Our playgroup already has two pumpkin themed playdates scheduled for October, which I love. We are going to the pumpkin patch again this year, and we are having a pumpkin painting/carving party in the park. Wahoo!

I love fall! I love the weather changes and the leaf changes and the whole season.

But wait until Christmas time. Ooh doggies.

I am going to put up my Christmas decorations early too.

Just wait. :)