Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I Got Tagged!

My friend Aubri tagged me. Eight is the magic number. Here we go!

8 Favorite TV shows I love to watch:

CSI: NY (I'm sensing a theme...)
What Not to Wear
Crusoe (my guilty pleasure!)
Top Chef (I like to pretend I know what they're talking about)
Ace of Cakes (again with the pretending)
Scrubs (I laugh every episode I watch!)

8 Favorite Restaurants

Country's Barbecue (LOVE their fried chicken)
Tucano's (wish we had one here)
Melting Pot (again with the wishing)
Moe's (Naked Nachos!)
Fuji's Steakhouse (suuuushi)
Longhorn Steakhouse (Flo's Filet!)

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

Fell asleep feeding Isaac
Uploaded pictures from the Santa visit on Saturday
Printed out Christmas card photos
Ate at the Hong Kong Buffet for a make-up dinner for Ethan's birthday
Read my Entertainment Weekly
Laundry and dishes
Figured out Joy School for this week
Checked for any Tupperware sales on my site :)

8 Things I am looking forward to

Puerto Rico trip!!
Sleeping in a few minutes
Seeing 'Twilight' again in the theater!
Dinner Divas! Woohoo!
Making pralines
Enrichment on Thursday!
Finishing all the projects I have on my 'to-do' list
Isaac sleeping through the night :)
(Okay, that's 9)

8 Things on my Wish List

Tickets to see Matt Dusk in March!
Airplane tickets for my sisters and brother to visit me!
Shih Tzu puppy :)
A house of our very own!
'Tales of Beadle the Bard'
20 lbs gone. ;)
A cute leather jacket (or fake leather)
Cooking lessons from a chef :)

8 People I am Tagging (if you haven't already done it, of course)

Em C

Santa and Silverware

So the Civil War Naval Museum here in town does a thing every December where they have Santa come dressed in Civil War era garb....
And we went! As you can see:
My First Santa Picture

Roo and The Big Guy

Ethan and Mr. Claus

The Santa was SO cool...he was so nice and talkative with the kids. I loved it! I wish I could remember what Ethan said he wanted.

Lucas didn't say anything...Santa said, 'Toys?' and Roo said, 'Uh-huh.' And that proceeded to be his answer to all the questions Santa asked. :)

And I HAD to take a pic of Isaac before we left to see Santa.

Roo and Ethan picked out a frozen meal the other day. Lucas decided to go whole hog on it.

He mainly enjoyed the 'de-dup' (ketchup).

This evening I was feeding Isaac in my chair and Ethan was sitting at the coffee table. Ian and I were talking about Ethan's nose (for some reason) and Ian said,'Whose nose do you think he has?' and I said,'I think he has yours.'
Then Ethan says, pointing to his nose,'No Mom, this is my own.' very seriously. :)