Saturday, August 25, 2007


Go me!!! I took a self-defense class with the Playgroup that I am a part of and here's a pic from it. I am so tough!! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Amazing Lucas

I'd like to start by posting about Smileyface.

Two teeth! Count 'em...two! On the bottom, in the middle. Can you believe it? Is it really time for teeth already?! And almost crawling too...up on the knees and rocking and sometimes falling flat on his face to reach something in front of him. Time truly flies.

He is his brother's .... brother. He absolutely loves applesauce. Kid loves to eat almost anything in fact. He'll yell at me if I don't get a bite in his mouth fast enough!

Laughing is his favorite thing to do. He's such a smiler! I love it.

And you should see him right before bath! I set him on the floor and he just wiggles and wiggles and smiles and talks and laughs because he knows what's coming next!

Pictures to come soon.

Welcome to Casa Harper!

Aloha and welcome!!

I have succumbed! Yes, it's true, the Columbus Harpers have a blog. I am a lemming, I admit. But hey, it works!

I hope you all will enjoy reading this. If I don't post as often as you'd like, please chastise. :)