Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On an Ethan Kick

Ethan at 4 years old enjoying a s'mores

Today is my biggest boy's birthday!!!

To celebrate here on the blog, I leave you with a story from today.

So this morning while Ethan was putting on his shoes, we were talking about how his friend at school has a new last name because his mom got remarried. Ethan asked why Grandpa Bob got remarried, and I said, "Because he wanted to." He said ,"No it's because he didn't get along with Grammy." I explained that was why he got divorced. He asked if Grammy is married. Then he said all of a sudden, "I know what I will get Grammy for her birthday!! A husband!!" and laughed.

Funny, ain't he?! :) I can't believe he is 6 today!!! Time truly flies.