Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Many Faces and Castle Places

We have a new adventure! Cloth diapering! SmartyPants and SmileyFace look so cute in their diapers! And they have the best names...KnickerNappies, Fuzzi Buns, Happy Heinys...I could go on. Don't they look adorable? sweet.

We were making pretzels and oops! SmartyPants spilled the flour!

Poor guy had strep. So pathetic looking!

Bag o' baby Lucas!

Lookit what I made! :-) My first ever 'diaper cake'. I made it for Kristin's baby shower.

Look how cute! Pregger sisters!!

How I Made My $50...

Here is the actual ride I took! Ian managed to shoot this video while I was up in the air, thinking I was going to die. :)