Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Me with the Lame Updates!

Again I say...I don't update!
But I should do more! :)
So here are some pics.

Here is BatLucas! He felt so grown up with his brother's mask on. :)

And of course, BatEthan. He looooooves superheroes!

My Joy School graduate!

Hawaiian Roo!

Ready for church!

Here is Roo, showing off his belly and his Just Ducky cloth diaper! Fun!

We went strawberry picking at Lane Packing in Ft. Valley, GA with Grandpa Trash and Grandma you can see, Ethan had a great time. :)

We decided to paint one day. I had Ethan take off his shirt and use a bag as a smock. LOL! He kept saying, 'Man, I love to paint!'

It was Lucas' first time painting...he was unsure at first! But then he liked it.