Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Year Old Tiny

Ian and I worked on Tiny's cake together. Isaac chose the Batman theme, and I found a picture of this cake online and wanted to do it. The yellow and black parts are home-made fondant...YUM. :) As we were putting the last touches on the cake, Isaac sat on the stool and just watched in delight.

Ready for that cake now, please!!

I had to put this one because I love how the boys were all gathered so closely to Isaac as he was inspecting his Batcopter. :)

ELMO! YAY!! (And do Ian and Isaac look alike or what?!)

I can't believe it's been two years since Isaac was born.

Do you know how cliche it sounds to say 'time flies'?! does. Fly, I mean.

Lemme tell you some things about Tiny.

-- loves anything his big brothers love...superheroes, Legos, games, etc.
-- is still allergic to bananas. And has now learned that "banas" make him sick.
-- resorts to yelling really loudly when one of his brothers takes away his toys.
-- loves to give "huggas".
-- eats almost anything, except dishes with noodles.
-- looks just like Ian.
-- loves his baby sister, "Leena".
-- has just started saying "E-fee" for Ethan instead of "Ee-Ee". Lucas is still "Lee-lee" although it comes out often as "Loo-ca". Says Isaac as "Eye-ee".
-- will not sit still for long unless he's watching Dora, Diego, or the Backyardigans.
-- desires a blanket "fort" in his crib every time he's in it, which consists of his blanket from Grandma JJ put over the rails of the crib.
-- climbs out of said crib.
-- still has a big ole noggin...90th percentile at his 2 yr checkup! :)

Isaac is such a happy guy, and so very smiley. He's energetic and loving and stubborn. He's willful and sweet and cuddly.

We are so glad to have him. We love our Tiny!


ElisaBell said...

Soooo cute! He does look like Ian, but it looks like he has his mama's contagious zest for life!

Youngbull Family said...

Awwww... love my little Isaac!

PS Nice work on the bat cake!