Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little More Ethan

The kindergarteners had an assignment to make a turkey using anything they found around the house and outside.

Here is Ethan's! We used all kinds of stuff...berries, spices, rice, toasted coconut, Kix, bark, rice...

You can imagine the mess when we were done! :)

Apparently Ethan is a ladies' man...he came home from school today with a sticker from a girl in class, as well as a heart one of the girls had made for him at her house and brought to school.

Oh dear. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ethan did a very good job on his turkey with some help from Mom I am sure. He is a hansom young man. Just wait till he is in 5th grade and up when the girls really start to notice.

Youngbull Family said...

Tell Ethan I think his turkey is AWESOME!
As for the girls... Should we be proud of him or scared for him? LOL

Mary and Kellie said...

That is one mighty rockin' turkey!